Friday, March 5, 2010

Update from Chile with Picture

This email came in today. It came with a before and after pic that I will post too.


Hello to all my brothers in different parts of the world.
I write from Valparaiso, Chile.
Until now we have no record of dead brothers. There have already been sent staples to different parts of the country from Bethel to help the brothers. The truth is that the tsunami that invaded the coasts of the country was worse than what the earthquake did just minutes before. The government acknowledged that there was a error in reporting that there was a tsunami so the people were in place simply guarding their homes. In other places people would anticipate a tsunami and fled to the high areas. As it was the date of the peak tourist season, many tourists on the coasts were gone from the Fifth to the Ninth Region of the country.
The seventh and cotava region were the most devastated and destroyed. For example, in the Constitution area there is a small island full of trees that was being used by about 200 tourists who came to Santiago and other parts of the country to camp and spend their last days comfortable rest before returning to their places of origin when the disaster hit. They saw the tsunami coming and could not escape because there was little time after the earthquake to cross the sea from the island to the mainland. As some climbed trees and could be saved, but others fell short and disappeared to be swept away by the sea that completely covered the small island exept their trees.
Everything was very sad because somehow these things make us feel powerless to remedy. these situations makes me think about the prophecies that have to happen before it reaches the end. Although in my area where I live we only had grade 7 earthquake, elsewhere was 8.8. So for now we are all helping with food, clothing and of course our prayers are with the brunt of our brothers. In the morning we went out to preach and people are much more willing to listen than before.
In some areas have had many misfortunes followed. First an earthquake, a tsunami second, third fire, fourth looting homes and supermarkets that have survived, and now there are fears of epidemics.
Many hospitals were trimmered by the earthquake so the government has placed many mobile emergency hospitals.
I send a small sample of what has happened in one of the Kingdom Halls in Pelluhue.
A hug, and the Lord continues to help us use this as a testimony of true brotherhood.
Your brother Miguel

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