Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chile Update 6

One of the days of the convention, I mentioned walking up and Ruthie was teaching a brother how to say "You look a hot mess" in English. His name was Lionel and his cousin was Esteban. I heard from Lionel. He said they are fine. He said that the major problem the brothers are dealing with in the rough areas is looting, etc. When I finish this blog, I have a great story about Esteban and his twin brother. Ask me sometime when you see me, and I'll tell you. It's very moving.

I also heard from another sister I met at the convention today. She said that her friend's father was in the epicenter. His house finally got power, water, etc. So many of the friends are staying at his house. It's very encouraging to hear how everyone is coming together. To show you how small of a world it is in Jehovah's organization, this sister ended up living near the couple I connected with at the last international convention in Sydney. Email wasn't really big back then, so I lost contact with them. She talked to a friend the other night that is in there hall. She is going to give them my current contact info at the next meeting! What a small world. I'll keep you posted.

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