Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile Update 4

This email just came in.


On behalf of all the brothers who can not say it, I appreciate your greetings and prayers, since we never imagine living a tragedy, so close to the international assembly, which would have been terrible.But Jehovah renews our hope and endurance, especially when receiving so much love from our brotherhood. Take care and continue praying, knowing that things continue to happen, but remember that Jesus told us when you see these things, lift your head upright, because our deliverance is near, it brings much happiness to be an eyewitness to these events, although it brings so much pain to many, but we are witnessing part of the last prophecies and we will be able to tell our loved ones who have departed, how Jehovah God cared for all, although death may not reach some.Nothing happened to us this time so that now we can help thosse that did suffered. If you are concerned, pray for them and continue preaching for them because that is the best way of collaborating with Jehovah before this world reaches the end. We love you very much and remain in touch. Poblete Rosas Family.

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