Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chile Update 7

I got these emails today.

At the meeting yesterday, they gave us news from our brothers in South Chile. Thanks to Jehovah, there were no human loses. Already clothes, shoes and basic necessities have been sent. We are sending a food truck from Arica (?) to the south. We are sending this week money also. We are waiting to be advised when we should go help to pick up things, and repair the Kingdom Halls, and they ask for prayers in order to continue enduring and having the necessary faith.


You can not imagine how much emotion has caused us to help the brothers, went to the meeting today we saw bags and bags with food, clothing, money, shoes, blankets, etc, etc, the little ones that can barely walk helped to place them in the cars, everything came together to send to Bethel, as trucks have been going out since Sunday to the disaster area with risk, because a mob tried to open one of the trucks which forced the brothers to ask for help from the military to be able to deliver the help to both brothers as to non-witnesses, and those same soldiers were who told people that, thanks to witnesses they were receiving assistance. We hope that the brothers have stamina to await the tender hand of Jehovah, which with his love will soften their grief. And since this is happening in all the congregations we know that soon they will have the help they need. How happy it is the nation whose God is Jehovah. Please keep praying so that this is all over soon. Thank you for your affection. America

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