Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chile Relief Work

This story is of a brother who participated in one shipments that came out last Sunday with 2 trucks of Bethel to the
south towards the area of the earthquake and tsunami in Chile.


Dear friends,

I am writing after having been able to accompany the relief committee to
the south of 7th Maule region. We started on Monday 1 March at
7:00 am with a reception of one truck from
Bethel on the road.

We met the brother Fernando Morrás that came in the truck with
instructions for the elderly and of course a message for all
those who were there. Our organization has been timely to provide assistance at the proper time and have seen the hand
Jehovah and we could feel his spirit flows richly
for his people.

In what was mentioned in this meeting, Brother Morrás
said that it was not being "good" that saved us, he said.
"There are good people be saved, but the obedient, be
obedient to what the Lord commands us. "He told us that thanks to the
obedience, no brother in the island of Juan Fernandez died.

At noon we set off from Linares to catastrophe zones in 4
vehicles with specific help for Pelluhue brothers, Chance,
Cauquenes, etc.. In Pelluhue the devastation was no doubt very great,
saw "horrific scenes" (Luke 21:11) of desolation. Good
news is that there is no report of brothers dead or missing.
Our brothers in Pelluhue were heavily beaten, not only
by what they lived but by what they saw. After the earthquake came
the tsunami.

They had to watch as the sea carried vehicles, people in the rooftops shouted for help while they are fleeing helplessly. We commented that were dipped in the sea vehicles if they went to sea and APAB, etc.. 3 families of Pelluhe brothers lost all their property. Kingdom Hall was uprooted, only was the floor. As further understand this area has been without any communication with the outside, so both the relief group's visit was certainly very exciting and they were not able to gather as a congregation. Were delivered food products from the help of many brothers, that aid is channeled from Bethel. In Chanco we found some of our our brothers in the room staying overnight due to fears of replicas.

In Chanco (a town on the coast of this region) was much buildings on the ground. A very dark, feeling of uncertainty in the air. There was a curfew in the area. The committee met with both groups and a letter was read very instructive and moving for our brothers that were affected. Both meetings met the purpose to encourage and show our love to the brothers of these areas. They were excited that we could embrace. After the meeting, the applause sounded like thunder to show their love and happiness of being together.

In the morning we passed Cauquenes. We got out of vehicles silent and ever vigilant in two aspects: the curfew and
also to avoid a mob to rob the food. Both measures require caution. Although there was a noticeable fairly hostile environment the Parral area.

The meeting highlighted our brethren as the Lord acts for his people ... while on the road we saw rows of worried people trying to get water or something to eat ... in Longaví one of our brothers who runs a mill was threats from the people. well was much more help, water, food, clothes, boxes of merchandise, etc..

I can tell you that many times one reads or hears reports relief, but live it is undoubtedly a strong faith and a tangible proof as Jehovah, a very tender Father in love, very loving with his people, this is further proof that the Lord will care in the tribulation. Many no doubt think of the Armageddon during and after the earthquake.

We have seen the importance of being obedient, alert, rely fully on the Lord to send us through his organization. He will never leave us if we follow him.

From here I send a big hug and a few photos of what is could do. Also take to send love and greetings from these
brothers who moved us with their applause to all

Friday, March 5, 2010

Update from Chile with Picture

This email came in today. It came with a before and after pic that I will post too.


Hello to all my brothers in different parts of the world.
I write from Valparaiso, Chile.
Until now we have no record of dead brothers. There have already been sent staples to different parts of the country from Bethel to help the brothers. The truth is that the tsunami that invaded the coasts of the country was worse than what the earthquake did just minutes before. The government acknowledged that there was a error in reporting that there was a tsunami so the people were in place simply guarding their homes. In other places people would anticipate a tsunami and fled to the high areas. As it was the date of the peak tourist season, many tourists on the coasts were gone from the Fifth to the Ninth Region of the country.
The seventh and cotava region were the most devastated and destroyed. For example, in the Constitution area there is a small island full of trees that was being used by about 200 tourists who came to Santiago and other parts of the country to camp and spend their last days comfortable rest before returning to their places of origin when the disaster hit. They saw the tsunami coming and could not escape because there was little time after the earthquake to cross the sea from the island to the mainland. As some climbed trees and could be saved, but others fell short and disappeared to be swept away by the sea that completely covered the small island exept their trees.
Everything was very sad because somehow these things make us feel powerless to remedy. these situations makes me think about the prophecies that have to happen before it reaches the end. Although in my area where I live we only had grade 7 earthquake, elsewhere was 8.8. So for now we are all helping with food, clothing and of course our prayers are with the brunt of our brothers. In the morning we went out to preach and people are much more willing to listen than before.
In some areas have had many misfortunes followed. First an earthquake, a tsunami second, third fire, fourth looting homes and supermarkets that have survived, and now there are fears of epidemics.
Many hospitals were trimmered by the earthquake so the government has placed many mobile emergency hospitals.
I send a small sample of what has happened in one of the Kingdom Halls in Pelluhue.
A hug, and the Lord continues to help us use this as a testimony of true brotherhood.
Your brother Miguel

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chile Update 7

I got these emails today.

At the meeting yesterday, they gave us news from our brothers in South Chile. Thanks to Jehovah, there were no human loses. Already clothes, shoes and basic necessities have been sent. We are sending a food truck from Arica (?) to the south. We are sending this week money also. We are waiting to be advised when we should go help to pick up things, and repair the Kingdom Halls, and they ask for prayers in order to continue enduring and having the necessary faith.


You can not imagine how much emotion has caused us to help the brothers, went to the meeting today we saw bags and bags with food, clothing, money, shoes, blankets, etc, etc, the little ones that can barely walk helped to place them in the cars, everything came together to send to Bethel, as trucks have been going out since Sunday to the disaster area with risk, because a mob tried to open one of the trucks which forced the brothers to ask for help from the military to be able to deliver the help to both brothers as to non-witnesses, and those same soldiers were who told people that, thanks to witnesses they were receiving assistance. We hope that the brothers have stamina to await the tender hand of Jehovah, which with his love will soften their grief. And since this is happening in all the congregations we know that soon they will have the help they need. How happy it is the nation whose God is Jehovah. Please keep praying so that this is all over soon. Thank you for your affection. America

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chile Update 6

One of the days of the convention, I mentioned walking up and Ruthie was teaching a brother how to say "You look a hot mess" in English. His name was Lionel and his cousin was Esteban. I heard from Lionel. He said they are fine. He said that the major problem the brothers are dealing with in the rough areas is looting, etc. When I finish this blog, I have a great story about Esteban and his twin brother. Ask me sometime when you see me, and I'll tell you. It's very moving.

I also heard from another sister I met at the convention today. She said that her friend's father was in the epicenter. His house finally got power, water, etc. So many of the friends are staying at his house. It's very encouraging to hear how everyone is coming together. To show you how small of a world it is in Jehovah's organization, this sister ended up living near the couple I connected with at the last international convention in Sydney. Email wasn't really big back then, so I lost contact with them. She talked to a friend the other night that is in there hall. She is going to give them my current contact info at the next meeting! What a small world. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile Update 5

Email from Rodrigo and Katty Part A:

thank´s to jah we are ok, and our family´s and brother in our congregation are fine too...the earthquake was so terrible, we are all slepping and 3:30 am friday at night, was 700 km to the south from santiago but strike us whit the same energy...3 minutes and 8.8 richter degree and before a tsunami from all coast in the south of chile, wave to 15 and 20 high meters...dosn´t are brother dead all are ok, we are keep in contact whit some of them in the south, some in your holidays and other in his house´s, but are fine...a couple of kingdom hall was missing from the big wave ocean... was 2 days whit out electricity... whit our comitte and fellowelders was checking this same nigth to all congregation brothers, and everything are ok... our apartment was fine we dont break and miss nothing... but many of our brothers have miss all thing´s... now bethel branch sending a letter from the too give us instruction to help every body... we keep in contact and told you more soon...
rodrigo and katty
Email from Rodrigo and Katty Part B:

thank´s for keep worry and pray for every one... a few moments ago we meet all elders to receiving instruction from bethel, and we have done many efforts to help our brothers in the south... if is it really that are many strike, we confirming us that we dont are brothers dead...
the problem now is security... the army take control from the street and try to keep safe all thing but the violence have been groowing up...
now are a couple of truck sending from bethel whit many tons of food and dressing... and all congregation are collect them food and shoes and other more thigns...
the time to trip have been increasde a twice, before was 3 hours and now take 8 hours, to help our brothers in the south but still we dont have to the center of quake... all freeway are damage...
my congregation have work hardly to help all, and thank´s to jah we are fine...
i told you more sonn
send our grettings to all broter and friends
Rodrigo and katty

Chile Update 4

This email just came in.


On behalf of all the brothers who can not say it, I appreciate your greetings and prayers, since we never imagine living a tragedy, so close to the international assembly, which would have been terrible.But Jehovah renews our hope and endurance, especially when receiving so much love from our brotherhood. Take care and continue praying, knowing that things continue to happen, but remember that Jesus told us when you see these things, lift your head upright, because our deliverance is near, it brings much happiness to be an eyewitness to these events, although it brings so much pain to many, but we are witnessing part of the last prophecies and we will be able to tell our loved ones who have departed, how Jehovah God cared for all, although death may not reach some.Nothing happened to us this time so that now we can help thosse that did suffered. If you are concerned, pray for them and continue preaching for them because that is the best way of collaborating with Jehovah before this world reaches the end. We love you very much and remain in touch. Poblete Rosas Family.