Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile Update 3

This is from a brother we met who serves at Chile Bethel.


my family and i are ok. in santiago the situation is normal. but in the south of chile is bad. the sea took down a lot of small towns and no one knows were that people are. rigth now i`m not in santiago. the quake found me in the south, but extreme south . i`m in a construction project of kingdom halls. i hope that the branch send us to help there. i heard that two kingdom hall where destroyed by the water. but so far theres no notice of dead brothers. but there are a lot missing. a member of the comitte went to to the south with suplies.
take care a lot and i hope this information works. more news a let you know. be careful and thank you for worrying about us and praying for the brothers.

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