Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chile Relief Work

This story is of a brother who participated in one shipments that came out last Sunday with 2 trucks of Bethel to the
south towards the area of the earthquake and tsunami in Chile.


Dear friends,

I am writing after having been able to accompany the relief committee to
the south of 7th Maule region. We started on Monday 1 March at
7:00 am with a reception of one truck from
Bethel on the road.

We met the brother Fernando Morrás that came in the truck with
instructions for the elderly and of course a message for all
those who were there. Our organization has been timely to provide assistance at the proper time and have seen the hand
Jehovah and we could feel his spirit flows richly
for his people.

In what was mentioned in this meeting, Brother Morrás
said that it was not being "good" that saved us, he said.
"There are good people be saved, but the obedient, be
obedient to what the Lord commands us. "He told us that thanks to the
obedience, no brother in the island of Juan Fernandez died.

At noon we set off from Linares to catastrophe zones in 4
vehicles with specific help for Pelluhue brothers, Chance,
Cauquenes, etc.. In Pelluhue the devastation was no doubt very great,
saw "horrific scenes" (Luke 21:11) of desolation. Good
news is that there is no report of brothers dead or missing.
Our brothers in Pelluhue were heavily beaten, not only
by what they lived but by what they saw. After the earthquake came
the tsunami.

They had to watch as the sea carried vehicles, people in the rooftops shouted for help while they are fleeing helplessly. We commented that were dipped in the sea vehicles if they went to sea and APAB, etc.. 3 families of Pelluhe brothers lost all their property. Kingdom Hall was uprooted, only was the floor. As further understand this area has been without any communication with the outside, so both the relief group's visit was certainly very exciting and they were not able to gather as a congregation. Were delivered food products from the help of many brothers, that aid is channeled from Bethel. In Chanco we found some of our our brothers in the room staying overnight due to fears of replicas.

In Chanco (a town on the coast of this region) was much buildings on the ground. A very dark, feeling of uncertainty in the air. There was a curfew in the area. The committee met with both groups and a letter was read very instructive and moving for our brothers that were affected. Both meetings met the purpose to encourage and show our love to the brothers of these areas. They were excited that we could embrace. After the meeting, the applause sounded like thunder to show their love and happiness of being together.

In the morning we passed Cauquenes. We got out of vehicles silent and ever vigilant in two aspects: the curfew and
also to avoid a mob to rob the food. Both measures require caution. Although there was a noticeable fairly hostile environment the Parral area.

The meeting highlighted our brethren as the Lord acts for his people ... while on the road we saw rows of worried people trying to get water or something to eat ... in Longaví one of our brothers who runs a mill was threats from the people. well was much more help, water, food, clothes, boxes of merchandise, etc..

I can tell you that many times one reads or hears reports relief, but live it is undoubtedly a strong faith and a tangible proof as Jehovah, a very tender Father in love, very loving with his people, this is further proof that the Lord will care in the tribulation. Many no doubt think of the Armageddon during and after the earthquake.

We have seen the importance of being obedient, alert, rely fully on the Lord to send us through his organization. He will never leave us if we follow him.

From here I send a big hug and a few photos of what is could do. Also take to send love and greetings from these
brothers who moved us with their applause to all

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