Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update from Chile

Hey, everybody. I'm sorry I haven't finished my blog from my trip. I have it on my to do list.

I thought I would let you know that I have heard from two of my contacts in Chile from my trip. If you kept up with the blog, you may remember The Galleguillos Family. They sat in front of me on Sunday, and I traded badges with the son. I heard from them today. They are north of Santiago and didn't have any damage. Many of you heard my experience of the couple I met where he is the only elder in his congregation. I haven't heard from them yet. I was most worried about them because they live about half way between the epicenter and Santiago. I also haven't heard from the twins or their friend. Tonight, I heard from Miguel, the brother I stayed with in Vina del Mar/Valparaiso. Below is a copy of his email. I'll keep you posted.

Hi Shayne

Thank you so much for your concern. We are fine!
Well, it was really scary all that happened. We were sleeping and suddenly everything started, so we woke up and tried to find a safe place to be. It was crazy the movement! Some of our books and some stuffs falling down, but nothing serious. This happened at 3.35 AM, and then we started to call our family and friends but i just could talk to my dad, and then the connection broke down. Daniela was worried about her dad, and her sister who lives in the south of Chile (near the epicenter) and saddly until this time we can´t communicate with her. So, we couldn´t sleep until 6.00 AM approximatly, and also with all the aftershocks!. We were supposed to go to a rural preaching, but of course was cancelated just as the meetings. We don´t have water, and the electricity is normally functioning since lunch time. Now that we saw the news, we realized the magnitude of the earthquake; 300 dead, more than 1 million lost their houses! and here in ViƱa you can see the effects on buildings, houses, etc
Thanks to Jehovah we are fine, and happy that nothing bad happened. We really appreciate your concern, and a big hug for you.

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