Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time Ticks By...

its 322 in the morning on wednesday. im typing this out like a first grader because i am on the computer in the lobby with the guard looking at me like im crazy for being up and using this latin keyboard. i cant find any of the buttons. ive been in the lobby with a few friends dreading to go up and pack, and im too cheap to pay the three dollars for the hour of internet in my room. anyway... there has been so much going on (good) in the past 48 hours that i have not had time to write anything. i probably wont be able to update everything until i get home. we leave out tomorrow night around 6 from the hotel. as with the last time, i made some of the best friends in the last couple of days of the trip. im going to try to type everything up on the plane so i can post it when i get home. to give you an idea of how sunday went, there were 59000 at my stadium and a total of 100091 for all three stadiums here. they only have 70'000 publishers in the whole country. over 720 were baptized. more info to come... definitely will be worth the wait. caio.

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